I was in HangZhou last week. It was my first trip after Chinese traditional New Year. And many replica factories are still on holiday during this month since Feb. 14th to Mar. 15th. Another thing got me surprise was the number of visits to my blog on March 11th. broke 100 that was the first time since I established my blog. I was so happy and opened a bottle of champagne for celebrating.

Currently Chanel shut down many replica websites which sell their replica products by their strict policy. Thats why Ive not uploaded any product links about Chanel yet. Ill post more Chanel replica handbag reviews here in my blog as what Im doing right now for you guys checking the details. If you interest you can also add our work WeChat”(WeChat account:baobaosofly) to see more pictures. Well let’s enjoy this lovely bag.

During the trip I took this black Chanel leboy bag with me. It also came from the best chanel replica factory. Whether the overall feeling of this bag or the leather, hardware all did great job as you guys can see from the pictures.


The picture down below shows clearly on texture and  plumpness of the v-shape.


Then look at the hardware, and you can also see the stitching on the other side.


Hexagon screw as same as Authentic boy.IMG_2260IMG_2259

Note that the stitching at front and back both are very neatly arranged.IMG_2253IMG_2254IMG_2255

Bag interior:IMG_2257IMG_2261

The stamping inside of the bag.IMG_2262

All above details are this Chanel boy handbag, hope you guys like it. I wish everyone can get their own perfect bag. I am more than happy to help people find their dream bag with my experience.


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