I believe many people have heard about one to one”, original leather etc. In replicas industry, there has many different grades classified. Of course include some labels which Ive never heard created by the sellers for lying about their quality, such as “mirror image replica” these kind of words. Domestic replica market is quite different with international market. And also darker than our domestic market a lot. A piece of good replica, it must be made from an authentic physical model. It made of the best materials by excellent bag maker with incredible craftsmanship and so on. These all reflected in the quality of bag, at the same time determine a good replica handbag is not cheap.

The original leather is imported where are mostly from Italy. It takes leather staining process. The texture of leather is natural, not made of pressure molding. And it’s clear, irregular and unique just like human fingerprints. To distinguish is actually very simple. The original leather texture is not as regular as ordinary leather. Because it grows naturally. Its impossible exist exactly the same texture. Original leather has an unique kind of leather aroma. And it’s durable, the more frequent used the more shiny. And its the most high-end leather as well, ordinary leather can’t comparable with.

In one to one world, they do emphasize the overall feeling of the bag, stitching, manual skill and if the flowers patterns meet at the seam or not. In another word, they dont pay any attention on materials. Original leather is base on one to one which is more refined, but also focus on the materials. All leather they used is as the authentic bag. Original leather can be understood as one to one upgraded. Of course, the value of original leather is far more than one to one. Here I do not rule out that someone would use one to one to replace original leather cheating people. So buy a good replica goods is indeed a capacity. It is ordinary leather, and it imitates from “one to one” product or “original leather” product. They don’t have authentic model purchased from store, so its price is not that expensive as “original leather”. The ordinary leather is also lack of leather aromas, sometimes it’s with strong smell.

In general, people go for “one to one” replicas is good enough for daily life. But now, our recognition capability is raising and more picky. That’s why the “original leather” is being more and more popular.

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