Everyone would ask me “how do I find the best replica bags?” I think the first we must know the structure and details of this authentic bag. You can check it from official website. And other informations from internet before you purchase it. The second is if there has physical stores being around you then dont be lazy, go for check it.

Maybe many foreign friends have been to Xiushui market in Beijing, Pudong A.P.plaza in Shanghai or Baiyun leather market in Guangzhou. But may many people would say why I couldnt found the best replica bags in these markets? The turth is as Chinese local its also hard for us. The ordinary replicas occupied the mian part of market. Just a few best replicas at the top and be hidden. With fight against counterfeit goods become more serious in China, you cant see any logo and designer brand related informations when youre choosing the bags in these markets. For example, youre checking out a Dior lady handbag, but you cant find any logo or stamping written about Dior, sometimes it comes with empty stamping, sometimes it comes with the stores name replaced. Because of this, the difficulty of identifying the quality of replica bags was increased. Unless you throw a lot of money for finding the best by yourself. And I’m sure It’s not going to take just a few days. I do believe only the products can tell the turth. Even Id suffered a loss as well. Id spent nearly 30,000dollar on lessons learned.

I was fall in love with Gucci gg marmot bag two and half years ago and I found a factory which made all Gucci products looked very nice. Then I decided to purchase this bag with them. After I received it I just felt something went wrong. Then I checked it on official website, I realized that the shape of heart design on the back with the stitchings surrounded apart were not right. As you guys can see the pictures I put down below. In addition, I went to Gucci store in different locations twice for better understood this bag. Actually the leather of authentic gg marmont was very soft richness and smooth. But the leather of the bag what I got was thick, not that soft and without delicate feeling. I was so disappointed. After went through the whole thing to made me knew this bag well, so I decided to purchase the same bag again but from different factory. After I had checked the sample and confirmed with them so many times, finally I got my perfect Gucci gg marmot replica bag with 100%satisfaction.



The first GG MARMONT I’ve got:


These are all about how to choose replica bags with my experience from the bottom of heart. Later I’ll post an article about the quality grade of replica bags in China so far. If you guys have any questions please let me know. Thank you and love you all.



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