Recently my apartment close to the lease expires, Ive been so busy for packing my stuffs and going to move to my girlfriends apartment.  And there is another reason, I was preparing to set up my replicas online shopping website for the foreign customers. Plus a lot of things going on about my job, thats why make me feel so anxious. I thought those things can be figured out faster, but in fact it was a lot slower than planned. Im perfectionist who always want to do the best, it just made me wasted more time though. Well I need to take a deep breath, I need relax.

  As a big fun of vintage fashion, Celine clasp inspiration completely back to the 50’s, using calfskin with patina technique, delicate design and elegant style. I had so obsessed it since last year it just came out.

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Ive been waiting for this bag nearly a month. Because the factory orders were too many, and also Clasp replica needs to do patina which is handmade staining as same as authentic. Well, soft fire makes sweet malt. As long as the bag perfectly Id rather wait. Until last week the factory sent the bag out, this Clasp replica is the best quality in the market so far. Ok, let’s take a look and also welcome to compare with authentic Celine Clasp.


The bag size is 32 x 22 x 8cm, its medium size in this collection. No shoulder strap only can be hand-carried, it might be a bit inconvenient and the capacity of this bag is actually normal. The bag is a clip-style opening design, only can placed a few things at the bottom space. But anyway, its classic shape renders this bag is a timeless winner, isnt it?

This dark green color is my personal favorite, its a vital and steady color with patina created the strong sense of time, it must become a bag with full of stories. What is patina?  Patina is an unique classical craft to stained leather which using handmade to create oxidative warm sheen such as worn for years. It makes bag exude elegant and charming atmosphere.


  As you guys can see the staining effect of patina which is the color transition from dark to light. So that it shown us historical and mythical feeling. And you also can find the details about the stitching and stamp in the pictures I put down below.


  From the pictures above you can find every stitching has equal length and always lined up-down.  Here using the original calfskin with extremely smooth hand feel. Next lets take a look the hardware and inside of bag. (You can also find more details about the stitchings and the texture of leather.)


  This clasp using yellow brass hardware which is as same as authentic. The screw part is also using hexagon screw which is each angle of screw crafted delicately. In addition the lining of bag is lambskin.

  I hope this may help you guys to find a Clasp replica with satisfied quality. And later I will post an article about  how to choose replica handbags with my past 10 years search and buy replicas experience. Different with other articles because of Im a Chinese local who know more about our replica marketing. If you interested just keep an eye on my blog;)


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      1. Hi I tried to purchase this bag from the site you mentioned but i couldnt. How can I purchase this bag?

      2. Hi dear, you can add my WeChat then talk to me there. Which is you go Apple Store to download WECHAT then add my account: baobaosofly, that’s it:)

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