Celine box bag is one of the most elegant bag out there and also red is the most popular color in this collection, so you can imagine how fast it can be sold out. I just ordered a replica one immediately after post my 2018 wishlist. Its a good stuff”, the moment I unpacked it I was just surprise by its excellent craftmanship. AS you can see these are what you got, they are a box bag and a shoulder strap placed in different dust bags inside of a celine gift box. This box replica made of original calfskin which is really smooth and soft to touch. You can check the pictures I put down below what are the front, back, side and bottom of it.


As same as usually Im going to explain from stitching, hardware, stamping and interior of the bag.




First, stitching are arranged on the bag according to certain angle and each stitch has an equal distance. Then move to the outside of stitching there is a shallow and invisible line what is Celine box bag anti-counterfeit line, Ive used pink to point it out. To see above, if you look carefully its not difficult to find the anti-counterfeit line in other pictures.



The gold buckle has a distressed, vintage look which is made of brass.


Pay attention on how many loops of spring inside the buckle.


The small gold hardware on the strap using the hexagon screws which is each angle of screw crafted delicately.




Pictured above is the serial number where was stamped inside of zip pocket.


Interior of the bag:




Inside the bag has three compartments: one thin zippered compartment and two leather compartments. The front compartment also has two pouches (a great place to store your lip balm and prevent it from accidentally squeezing inside the bag).

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to a crossbody or long-shoulder length or can be tucked in entirely and used as a clutch.

Well, all above are about this Celine box replica. Ive been collected a lot of articles about how to identify the authentic and the fake bag including this box in these a few years, so I just wrote several points down also with pictures for showing you guys clearly.

Recently more and more replicas are made from Chinese market, there have so many different qualities. I hope everyone has some standard to distinguish them after I clarified these details in my blog.



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