After many twists and turns, finally I got my package, the terrible courier just left my package at the grocery store of downstairs without any informations. Ive been waiting for so many days to deal with this issue, and this delivery company was the most famous one in China which name was ShunFeng. Anyway, lets back to the bag, this time I bought a LOUIS VUITTON NOE BB replica, and its a Christmas present for my mom. By accidentally I found this supplier was from one of my replica suppliers, she said the replicas from this supplier were done perfectly and many Russian placed the orders from them, so I bought one with the idea of give a try.

Why would I chosen NOE BB? Because usually I go out with a lot of stuffs, a small bag was not easy for me to take them all. And this bag had a large capacity, good for day to day use, with LV classic monogram canvas was more hard wearing, match with my unconstrained personality. It also can be worn in multiple ways-crossbody and over the shoulder. But the bad thing was the bottom of the bag, as you can see, a light-colored surface, so it’s easily to get dirty and watermarks.


After unpackaged, I have to say Ive never seen any replicas have done this amazing job in general. The bag smell just like leather, no any irritable smells, the weight in my hand was not really heavy, overall of the bag had a pleasant feel, the monogram canvas were soft, the leather started out with a white tone, but it’d been transferred to light caramel already when I received it as you can see. Here I put a lot of pictures about the details, and I will explain one by one.

The overall look:

Ill start from the leather. My mother has an authentic LV speedy 25, after compared I found authentic LV leather had soft touch, not stiff, and the leather starts out with a white tone, gradually darkens over time, leaving a rich caramel or honey color. Its a main feature of LV, and this technology had been imitated perfectlly by LV replica suppliers in general.


Then stitchings were consistent with up and down, lets take a look carefully from the pictures I put down below.


Hardwares of the bag, except the shoulder strap buckle was shimmer, the rest parts of hardware were all  matte. As picture:


Interior of bag:

Stitchings inside of the bag were neat and the size of each stitching was almost the same.


Bottom of the bag:



This LV NOE BB replica was the best quality custom imitation. I personally think its workmanship was much better than other LV replicas, whether check from the overall or details. If you have the same bag whatever it’s authentic or replica, please feel free to leave the comment.


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