This Louis Vuitton Neo Noe is a Christmas gift for myself. Neo Noe is one of the classic collection of Louis Vuitton was designed in 1932. Unfortunately, so many stores sold out right away and there was a long waiting list , you can imagine how popular it is. Before I made decision I went to store to give a try this bag to see how it fit on me. The size of it was 10.2 x 8.7 x 10.8 inches, was pretty much looked good on me. And it was also practically. Why red? Christmas is coming, plus Chinese New Year, especially red means lucky in China, that’s why I decided to choose red. But the price wasnt beautiful which was at $1,450 that wasnt accessible for most of us. So what solution do we have to refill our desire for fashion? Easy, the best quality custom replica of Louis Vuitton Neo Noe would make our dream to come true.



The flowers in Monogram should “meet” at the seam.(the picture down below)


I just received my Neo Noe replica at this week, after unpacked the overall vibe of it was just perfect! This bag was the most practical one which was designed stylish, humanized, lightweight, the canvas which is Louis Vuitton unique material outside that is hard-wearing, and it can be worn in many ways possible for different life style.



The replica Neo Noe used the same original leather as the famous Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas.




Heres you can see, the hardwares of the best quality custom replica were extremely delicateness as the authentic.




The stitches of the replica Neo Noe were neat and clean. Especially in some special parts of authentic were sewed by double stitches, as you can see the replica did great job here too.


Double stitch sewing:




Interior of the replica:

Inside it’s lined with what LV call a ‘bonded microfibre’ interior in the same colour as the calf leather. It’s beautifully soft to the touch and gives the bag an extra luxurious feel. The inside is divided into two parts, separated in the middle by a monogram canvas pocket with a zip.


I put an extra bag into my Neo Noe, its the best way to shape the bag, also keep the things inside tide and orderly, as shown:



All above are reviews of my lovely Neo Noe replica bag. If you guys also have replica bag shopping experiences, please feel free to share with us, you can email me or leave the comments down below, I’ll reply you as soon as possible and Merry Christmas to all of you.







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  1. hi you have a wonderful blog! may i beg you to share where you purchased this replica neonoe? it looks pristine as the original 😍😍😍 i have been eyeing the original for months but it’s just too heavy on the pocket! please share your seller details 🙂 thanks a lot!

    1. You never replied to my enquiry? What a pity. Anyway I have bought the authentic version of this bag when I visited Paris last Feb. Thank you.

      1. Hi, thank you for pay attention on my blog. I do have WeChat and web for sale these products. You can add my WeChat account:baobaosofly or check my website:b-a-o.co

    1. Hi sweetie, download app: WeChat, sign up and add my account: baobaosofly, then you can check the pics and purchase there:)

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