These a few days Ive been busy for doing studio decoration works, as you guys can see, I love pink color too much, so Id like to have it as the main color to the layout of my work space, Ill update my decor progress here, so exciting:D. Well, let’s return to our subject, this time Im going to review the replica of Chanel Gabrielle handbag for you guys. Actually its became the fashion trend already and even got its own space on the Chanel website. We can easily found it in our live, such as from TV, magazines and various fashion apps. . . At the very beginning, my opinion was: No! No! No! That bag was so ugly! I just couldnt understood why that bag did really attracted so many people crazy about it. Then almost a month later, I had an afternoon tea with my friends at Ritz Carlton, I saw a tall and beautiful girl was wearing a vintage military jacket with an all-black small Gabrielle on her shoulder. It looked not that bad in my inner head, then Id changed my mind dramatically (I have to admit that women are unpredictable and fickle).After got home, I immediately ordered one replica small Gabrielle from the online store, and it just took two days to delivery my home.



After unpacked the delivery box as you can see was Chanel classic black box, and inside they were the Chanel Gabrielle bag, Chanel identity card, dust bag, customer manual, Chanel camellia flower, gift tape and some small Chanel stickers.


The black knight is the overall feeling I got when I gave the first eye on it.  Its versatility that you can wear sneakers and jeans to carry, also suitable for casual cocktail dress and high heels. Its hard bottom part covered in smooth leather and the top of it is made of the signature diamond-stitched distressed skin, so whether the casual or formal occasion is, its alway in style. Below you will find the details of my review which will focus on leather quality, hardware quality, stitching & interior of the bag.

Leather quality:



The texture on top part of the Authentic Chanel Gabrielle is same as Reissue2.55, and they were using aged calfskin to create its historical and mythical. I found a picture of reissue2.55 from online to compare with the replica Gabrielle, you can clearly see the texture of these two bags actually is quite similar.


The hard bottom part covered in smooth leather.

Hardware quality:



The zip part has a chunky CC logo on a leather chain which is very thick and solid, not hollow. The straps have all the colours of the hardware, and these straps are really heavy.



Every time after I receive the bag, I always carefully check the stitching to make sure they are clean and tidy. The stitching on this replica was very delicate without any flaws.

Interior of the bag:


Inside the bag with classic dark red color cotton fabric, stamping was very clearly, and the serial sticker as same as authentic.

Other details:


A few more pictures to show you guys it can be worn in multiple ways:



Now I carry it out almost every single day, no matter when I go to work or go out, it has become my inseparable friend;)



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