Ive been searching for a lot of articles from online about replica bags, there are pictures with explanations beside. Mostly all of them are writing about how the replica bags are not good, how poor the quality is, and where has the different from authentic, there is not real posts about how the excellent work done by replica bag makers. So thats why inspired me to write this article. In fact, the newest replica generation has been came out from the traditional replica industry which named the highest quality custom replicas.Its the best replicas that is hard to distinguish if you put them together with authentic bags, and you can also carry it go to the authentic store whenever you want. Its the master of replica bags.

Let me talk about the highest quality custom replicas now. These manufactures bought the authentic bags first then took them apart to analyze the production process and techniques which is called original open mould, another thing have to say, they has original leather resource as same as authentic bags (this’s the unique resource they can get), and the hardwares all made of steel all-metal (low quality bags hardwares are all made of alloy) to ensure the weight. The highest quality custom replica even let many senior appraisers confused because their superb craft that hardly to find the giveaways. As I known that these bags have already flowed into the hypostatic stores in many countries such as Italy, Dubai and Russia, they mix them with authentic bags sell to their customers and barely identify.

Now let take a look how excellent work theyve done. Here I took two of my own custom level replicas as an example to show you guys. They are Chanel classic mini flap bag, size 20cm, a lambskin one and a caviar leather one. I am a big fan of Chanel and very fond of every collection of her designs, so I bought these two different textures (these two Bags are from the same supplier), as shown:









I use these two textures to explain, the caviar leather is one I just bought, lambskin one Ive already used for half year, many posts said the replicas look very puffy and the overall shape is not good, but take a look these two bags, their overall shape is much sturdier and structured.



Next is hardware, I put this picture which is the replica jumbo flap bag I bought from 2010, because of the finite of technical level, the detail of hardwares were treated very rough, compare with the custom replicas right now you can easily find they have a big difference.




These two serial numbers are from the highest quality custom replicas.


And this one is superfake serial number, as you can see the number “0” lose “/” centered in the middle.


These two examples even the number “0” was correct but the letter type wasn’t right. They look more rounded than authentic.



Stamping: Compare with the custom replicas, the poor quality replica bag interior stamping is more rough.

The bags in this video are from the custom replicas.



Look at these video and two pictures, the chain strap on the custom replicas actually are much heavier than the superfake. And also you can hear the slight crackling sounds when I put them in my hand. The stitching is clean and seamless. You do not see any crooked lines or bumps. On the superfake there were obvious bumps where was crooked and uneven.

I hope this guide is helpful, and let everyone knows that the best quality replicas do exist, it depends on how much you spend and if you chosen the right supplier or not. I’ve spent a lot of money for finding the right suppliers, good quality replicas and also had been received very poor quality replicas at the very beginning. So that before your purchase you have to research more and read more reviews, I believe after your all efforts will find the good bags. Well if you have any questions just feel free to email me, I will reply you guys ASAP:)


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