Hello everyone, my name is Athena, I am from China and now living in Shanghai. I am a fashion designer, I’m fall in love with designer bags. To be honest, I have a lot of replica handbags, and also have authentic bags, my hobby is not just enjoy the moment which is buy a handbag from luxury store  but is search the best craft replica handbag which you can’t tell any different from the authentic bags. As a fashion designer I have to attend many parties and events, I need to change my outfit for matching with different themes, of course, include bags, no one wants to always take the same bag for sure. I like keeping up with trends, but I can not afford all of them , unless I am a billionaire .

It’s already been 10 years since I bought the first replica bag from the very beginning. Everyone knows China is the main country who manufactures the replica bags. Even if I am Chinese, speaking Chinese and type Chinese message, but I still be cheated (mostly is the replica bags are not as same as the pictures what they show me ) I’ve paid a lot for giving the lesson. That’s why  a lot of foreign bloggers written about China’s replica bags also inspired me to set up such a blog, I think I have a say, because I have been to the wholesale markets of these replica bags in China, with these shopkeepers have had direct conversation, and I knew the current replica bags market very well, therefore I can answer everyone’s questions base on my experience. Also better to help you uncover the mysterious veil of replica.





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